How Much Does A Brick Of Gold Weigh

Whether you want to buy a brick of gold for business purpose or merely uses propose, you must know it’s measurement fast. And here the crucial facts come.

how much does a brick of gold weigh? Simply, it depends on several facts. So to know the actual answer, you have to know those factors.

To smooth your learning process, I have come with a complete article that will let you meet all desire to know about gold bricks. 

How Much Does A Brick Of Gold Weigh

Let’s see.  

The weight of gold itself:

If you want to know about the weight of gold brick, you surely need to know the weight of gold itself.

Most often the measurement unit of gold is troy ounces and it is considered as the traditional unit for gold weight.

You may interrogate, what is the troy ounce. How much is that? Okay, you will know everything step by step.

Troy ounce is 0.07 pounds or 31.1034768 grams. If you compare it with other metals, you will notice that it is heavier.

Just think about water, you don’t feel the weight of a drop of water. But if you find a jug of water, you can understand how heavy the water is. The same definition goes for gold.

What constructs a gold bar or gold brick?

First of all, gold bricks or gold bars are normally gold, which is poured in a mold so that it can get a shape like brick or bar.

Therefore, you can easily understand that the weight of a gold bar can vary. It only depends on the amount of gold that is poured upon it.

But there is one thing that you must always remember. Which is, the weight of any gold not always reflect the original amount it might contain.

Different sizes of gold bar:

If you ask how much does a brick of gold weigh, then I can only tell you that the answer is not so simple as the question.

There are different sizes of gold bricks on which the weight may depend. If you look at the table below, you can understand easily.

Weight of gold barSize of gold bar
 1 troy ounceLength: 1.65 inches or 42mmWeight: 0.95 inches or 24mmThickness: 0.08 inches or 2mm
 3.22 troy ounces or 100 gramsLength: 2.17 inches or 55mmWeight: 1.22 inches or 31mmThickness: 0.12 inches or 3mm
 32.15 troy ounces or 1 Kg Length: 3.15 inches or 80mmWeight: 1.58 inches or 40mmThickness: 0.71 inches or 18mm
 400 troy ounces or 12.4 KgLength: 10.7 inches or 272mmWeight: 3.72 inches or 94.5mmThickness: 2.03 inches or 51.5mm

I hope you’ve got your answer from the table.

But you should also know that the standard gold bar held as reserves as central banks weighs in at 400oz or you can say 11.33 kg. That is actually 25 pounds which is about the weight of a common brick.

You see that you can get gold bars as small as one gram, which is about the weight of a paper clip. As well as you can find bricks that weigh in pounds.

Types of gold brick:

You may wonder how can be the gold bricks are of different types. Well, the name of a gold brick depends on the shape of it and according to the name, there come two types of a gold bar or gold brick.

Cast gold brick:

This type of gold brick is also known as poured or molded brick. With the help of melted gold cast gold brick is made.

At first, a crucible is used by the manufacturer to meet the gold in a state that is liquid. After that, the manufacturers cast or pure the gold in a mold with a chosen dimension.

When it is cooled or solidified, they remove the gold from that mold. Sometimes, the manufacturer might stamp or engrave the brick.

Creating some smaller cast gold bar of 1 kg or lighter is the modern method nowadays. Manufacturers can create them as square, rod, or round shapes.

Generally, the cast gold bricks are very simple and the cost is cheap as well as the process of creation is more original.

Minted gold brick:

If you compare with cast bricks, then you can notice that minted gold bricks are cleaner and smoother.

In the case of minted gold bars, the manufacturers pay more attention to a certain width, thickness, and weight requirements.


Nowadays, the weight of a gold bar doesn’t always reflect the actual amount of pure gold, as some impurity is added with them.

But you can get an accurate amount of pure gold if you use the gold bar that consists of 24K gold.

I hope you got your answer and this script was helpful to you.

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