What Is Gold Vermeil?

Whether you want to invest in the gold market or just to possess gold as a passion, you must know some important gold related terms. And one of the must-know terms is gold vermeil.

Feeling interested to know this in term in brief? Well. We will let you know all about gold vermeil. Just keep reading.

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What Is Gold Vermeil

What does gold vermeil mean?

You may have a question in your mind “what is gold vermeil?” Well, nowadays the jewelry of vermeil is considered as the hottest trend. 

Basically, vermeil is a kind of material which is gold-finished. Gold vermeil is composed of a heavy coating of gold over the sterling silver that is solid. 

To consider a metal as vermeil, you should keep in mind three criteria. Which are-

  • The metal needs a base that must be of 99.9% fine silver or 92.5% sterling silver. Because of this, vermeil is known by other names such as Gilded Silver or Silver Gilt.
  • The gold must be pure enough. The purity must be at least 10 karats.
  • The layer of the gold over the silver must be thick enough and the thickness should be at least 2.5 microns or 0.0025 mm.

Without these criteria, that metal will be considered as gold-plated or gold-filled, but not gold vermeil.

Vermeil jewelry has the perfect combination of value and quality. You may think that the gold vermeil and gold plate are the same.

But that’s not true, they may share some aspects but there remains a huge difference in durability, desirability, and quality. 

If you want to determine whether a piece of jewelry is vermeil or not, you have to notice the thickness, base metal as well as composition.

Thus you can determine the vermeil jewelry.

By which elements gold vermeil is made?

Well, you may be concerned about the process and elements by which gold vermeil is created. 

The first item that is needed is sterling silver which is then concealed in gold with the help of electrolysis.

Earlier, fire-gliding was used for crafting vermeil but It was banned later because of the dangers that are caused due to that process.

If the electrolysis is done perfectly, then the jewelry will be long-lasting with better quality and consistent thickness.

Is gold vermeil long-lasting?

While buying vermeil jewelry, you may think if it is long-lasting or not. Actually, the durability of vermeil jewelry is dependent upon the thickness of its gold plating.

In simple words, the thicker gold plating your vermeil jewelry has, the longer time that piece of jewelry will last.

The lifetime of gold vermeil also depends on another factor which is the purity of vermeil. 

The gold with higher purity is the softer one and they are also more susceptible to damages and scratches.

You should buy 18k or 14k gold vermeil if you want it to be long-lasting, otherwise, you will end up with gold vermeil which will lose its glory in some weeks.

Is vermeil a solid gold?

Well, if you are asking whether vermeil is solid gold or not, then I must say, no. Vermeil is not solid gold. 

But vermeil jewelry contains more gold than gold plated jewelry. Actually, gold vermeil is a sterling silver that has a thick layer of gold.

Because of the layer they almost look like pure gold, so don’t get confused and be careful while buying any kind of gold.

How to maintain vermeil jewelry?

If you know the process to maintain gold vermeil properly, you can keep your vermeil jewelry sparkling year after year.

Now I will discuss those tips to store and clean the jewelry properly;

  • Use a clean as well as soft cloth or a fabric-lined box to store your vermeil jewelry, when you are not using them or wearing them.
  • The airtight box is the best way to store this type of jewelry because through this the oxidation of silver base is minimized.
  • Do not place your vermeil jewelry near heat. Because by doing so, heat can deform and discolor your jewelry.
  • Do not place any kind of heavy things on the top of vermeil jewelry because, by doing so, it may damage your jewelry.
  • After using the jewelry, wipe them to prevent tarnish. Because grime, cosmetics, and body oils can cause it to lose the sparkle.
  • Do not wipe vermeil jewelry with chemicals or coarse fabrics. Try to use microfiber cloth or 100% cotton soft wiping them.
  • Be careful of all types of chemicals for cleaning gold vermeil. Try to avoid chemicals like washing liquid, chlorine as well as makeup.

If you follow these tips, you can keep the spark of your gold vermeil jewelry for a long time.

Is it worthy to buy gold vermeil?

Gold vermeil jewelry is considered the best quality of jewelry in the era of gold-tone ornaments.

If you want an alternative to pure gold which is of high quality as well as cheap, then gold vermeil is there for you.

There are different colors of gold vermeil in the market. Those colors are Hamilton, rose gold, and so on. But the yellow gold is the famous one for any kind of jewelry or ornament.

Final words:

You know, I have discussed gold vermeil in detail. Now you know about gold vermeil as well as you know how to identify them.

You have also learned how to maintain, store as well as clean them. Moreover, I discussed some tips, to keep the spark of gold vermeil for a long period.

Now, if you want to buy vermeil jewelry, then it will be easier for you to identify and maintain them by following the tips.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

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