What Negative Impact Did Gold And Silver Mining Have In The West?

We love to have gold as much as we can. You know gold and silver has been a very close part of our life. But what about the mining impact of these two precious metals?

Yes, it has huge negative effects that even you can’t imagine. So, want to know what negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the west?

We are going to meet your thrust. For you, we have come with this article on  negative impacts of gold and silver mining.

Let’s see. 

Is There Any Negative Impact On Gold And Silver Mining?

You already know that gold and silver mining is an important issue nowadays. But you should also know whether there is any negative impact of gold and silver mining or not.

If there is any, then you may wonder what negative impact did gold and silver mining have in the west!

You know though gold and silver mining is very important, they have some negative impacts on the environment as well as human health.

Well, I think after the gold or silver mines suspended producing those, then that would be only the Ghost towns which were left at the back.

This is one of the negative impacts of gold and silver mining in the west. Take a breath, I will discuss the other negative impacts as well.

What Negative Impact Did Gold And Silver Mining Have In The West

The Negative Impact Of Gold Mining:

There is no doubt that gold is a precious metal but gold mining is considered as one of the most deleterious industries all over the world.

And gold mining has a huge amount of negative impact. Now I will discuss those impacts with you.

  • The toxic waste: 

The modern gold mining industry is responsible for destroying landscapes as well as for creating toxic waste in a massive amount.

Because of the usage of messy cultures like cyanide stack leaching as well as uncovered pit mining, the companies of mining produce the toxic waste near 20 tons over the gold ring of 0.333 ounces.

If you see that waste, you will find it as a liquid sludge of gray color. Moreover, that waste is encumbered with the deadly cyanide along with the heavy metals which are toxic in nature.

There are some gold miners who are not careful about those toxic wastes. They dump those wastes directly in natural water like rivers or ponds.

Every year at Papua New Guinea, the gold mine “Lihir” dumps the toxic waste over five million tons in the Pacific Ocean.

This kind of incognizance is responsible for destroying corals as well as several ocean lives.

It is really woeful that in total the companies of gold mining as well as other metals are dumping the toxic waste at a minimum of 180 million tons into the lakes, oceans, and rivers every year.

  • Acid & metalliferous drainage:

The acid mine extraction or drainage is considered as a persistent problem because of the grubby gold mining.

When the underground rock is disturbed by the mining which is recently exposed to the water and air, then the problem happens.

Iron sulfides in the rock which is often called “fool’s gold” can cause reaction with oxygen and forms the powerful acid, sulfuric acid.

These acidic as well as toxic water-extracting from the mine sites is twenty to three hundred times more intense than the acid rain. This water is harmful to the living creature.

Once this type of acid mine extraction or drainage starts, it is very hard to stop. The waters which are acidic, flowing from derelict mines can increase the levels of acidity and thus destroy the hydrophyte life from generation to generation. 

  • Mercury Pollution:

The gold mining industries are using mercury that is resulting in global health as well as the environmental crisis.

The fluid metal, mercury is used in the case of gold mining in the artisanal or small scale for extracting gold from the sediment as well as rock.

But, this substance mercury is toxic and very harmful to the health of the miners as well as the planet and its biodiversity.

  • Destroy of Amazon:

The boom of gold mining is the reason for accelerating the wreck of Amazon. You know that the Amazon rainforest is a biological ecosystem that works as a check on the environmental problem, global warming.

Because of gold mining, the environment of Amazon is destroyed. The massive amount of mercury released by gold mining into the air and water are responsible for environmental pollution.

The fishes, plants, people, and animals are poisoning through the use of mercury in gold mining.

The negative impact of silver mining:

Not only the gold but also silver mining has a negative impact on the environment as well as the living creature.

Due to the chemical used in silver mining, a large amount of erosion happens. The groundwater as well as surface water and soil are contaminated by that chemical.

  • Underground mining:

Underground mining is a common type together with the dangerous type of mining.

Due to this mining large movements of waste rocks and vegetation happens. Thus the tunnel can collapse and kill someone.

The toxic substances can also be released by underground mining and can get mixed with the water as well as the air.

  • Open-cut mining:

This type of mining is considered as the basic kind of mining but it also harms the environment.

The unexposed rocks for many geological eras are exposed by open-pit mining. As a result, when they are crushed, they sometimes extract metallic dust and radioactive substances that are responsible for environmental pollution.

Final words:

Gold and silver are very precious metals to us but now, you know the negative impacts of gold and silver mining.

I hope this article was helpful to you. After knowing the negative impacts, it will be easier for you to skip those impacts and keep our environment as well as the living creature safe and sound if you have any chance!.

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