What Was The Purpose Of The Cross Of Gold Speech Quizlet?

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What Is The Cross Of Gold Speech?

On July 8, 1896, William Jennings delivered the Cross of Gold Speech. It was a political speech and it was so powerful that it was able to change the human history course.

If you do research on it, you will see that many historians considered the Cross of Gold Speech as one of the greatest speeches of all time.

But, in the end, he was not able to achieve his goal as well as he could not achieve the victory in the presidential election.

William Jennings Bryan was defeated by the republican, William McKinley. He won by promoting pluralism, gold standard as well as industrial growth.

As the citizens of America were dealing with the twentieth century nascent inventions, that speech was real potential to spark the lively debates.

William Jennings delivered the Cross of Gold Speech

The Purpose Of The Cross Of Gold Speech:

You want to know what was the purpose of the Cross of Gold Speech Quizlet? Well, now I will answer this question. 

At the time of delivering the cross of gold speech, bimetallism or you can say, “free silver” was supported by Bryan.

He believed that this free silver or bimetallism than the gold would bring prosperity to the nation.

Now you can ask, what is this bimetallism Quizlet! Actually, the bimetallism Quizlet is a system.

According to the system, the government gives the citizens different metals like silver as well as gold, in return for the checks or paper money.

Basically, the cross of gold speech was meaningful. It meant to encourage people about the economy. 

According to the speech, instead of the gold standard, the economy should be based on a silver standard and this economy would be better than the others as well as it would be helpful for most of the people.

William Jennings Bryan had this thought because at that time, the amount of silver was much more than the amount of gold.

Moreover, the cost of silver was less than the cost of gold. Bryan tried to wake up the common people through his speech. 

He wanted to help the common people economically. So, he put all of his thoughts in his speech, “the cross of gold speech”.

Final words:

Through the article, you are already aware of the cross of the gold speech. You already know that the speech was really important.

William Jennings Bryan wanted to wake people up with the help of this speech. Now you know about the importance as well as the purpose of this speech.

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