Regal Assets Affiliate Program Review [Signup Link]

Regal Assets Affiliate Program Review [Signup Link]

Regal Assets is a famous name in the precious metal investment sector. They engage in dealing with precious metals IRA, bitcoin IRA and cryptocurrency. They offer all sorts of facilities and packages for their clients. Check their sigh-up link.

But they not only work with their buyers but also interested in skilled people who are keen on doing online marketing. Regal Assets is well known in the online business community for their great affiliate program and maintaining a good balance between the work and commission structure.

Regal Assets Affiliate Program Commission Structure

If you are someone who has knowledge and experience in online marketing, promotion, and precious metal dealing, then Regal Assets have an excellent offer for you. They have a commission-based program named ‘Regal Assets Affiliate Program’ through which you can make good use of your skill and earn money as well from home. 

You are definitely wondering how you can be part of this lucrative program, right? Well, then let’s look into the Regal Assets affiliate program review in detail.

Regal Assets Affiliate Program

 What is Regal Assets Affiliate Program?

The Regal Assets affiliate program is a commission-based online platform for online marketers and website owners under the world-famous gold investment company Regal Assets. The Regal Assets affiliate program allows you to promote gold and other precious metals available from Regal Assets on your website. You will get a commission based on every positive lead or sale you encourage among the potential customers.

The Regal Assets affiliate program is mainly focused on US self-directed retirement accounts (IRA). The Regal Assets affiliate program offers quite a handsome amount of commission depending on your skill. You have a world-wide market place to prove your skills and expand your business.

The Regal Assets affiliate program is an exclusive offer where the conversion of investment products is done so easily. This also allows you to access free mentor programs and custom dashboards with traffic and lead statistics. You can think of this program as a warehouse of resources to bloom your creativity and of course, earn a good amount of money from home.

And another great thing is that you don’t have to worry about the payment. The Regal Assets affiliate program is well known for its swift and secure payment policy.

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Regal Assets Affiliate Program Review:

Regal Assets is one of the pioneer companies in the precious metal investment field. They have been in the market for more than a decade now and have captured their clients’ hearts through their great products and services. They specialize in precious metal IRA and cryptocurrency.

Regal Assets not only think about their clients but also the online marketers who want to join hands with them. That why they offer the ‘Regal Assets Affiliate Program’ for online marketers.

This way both parties can make some profits. The affiliates can make a huge amount of commissions and the Regal Assets can also make up for their advertising cost.

So, let’s review the key features of Regal Assets Affiliate Program:

  • Competitive commission pay structure.
  • Any precious metals and cryptocurrencies can be promoted.
  • 3 tier Structure which ensures commissions on your 2nd and 3rd tier affiliates.
  • Free affiliate resources.
  • SEO materials including keywords and customer demographic profile.
  • Access to mentor programs.
  • Joining the program is free of cost.
  • Restriction on any negative approach towards the competitors.
  • In-house system to run the program.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate of Regal Assets Affiliate Program:

Since you are still reading this Regal Assets affiliate program review, then you must be interested in knowing what benefits will you get if you become a Regal Assets affiliate yourself. Well, there are quite some pros of becoming one.

Potential income source:

The Regal Assets affiliate program can be your ultimate income source. They offer a high commission rate with a secure payment process. You get paid for all the qualified lead and gross sales for investment in all precious metals and cryptocurrencies. You will also get a share of the revenue from the customer transaction.  

Tier affiliate revenue:

You not only get paid for your contribution but also from your 2nd and 3rd tier affiliates. This means you can earn revenue even if the sale is encouraged by one of your tier affiliates. 

Free materials:

The Regal Assets affiliate program provides you with access to all the free SEO and other learning materials for becoming a successful online marketer. You get access to free pdf, promotional videos, banners, keywords, mentor programs, and so on.

 You will also have access to all the website upgrading elements, which you can use to upgrade your own website. 


You can gather all the insights of precious metal marketing and investment, especially about the IRA from their website. So, you can either use this knowledge for stocking up your precious metals or opening an IRA for your future.

The free mentor facility on their website is also quite useful in this regard.   

Commission structure and Earning:

Here comes the most interesting part of this whole Regal Assets affiliate program review, earning, and the commission pattern. As a Regal Assets affiliate, you can earn in quite a few ways.

You can get $30-$100 for every qualified lead. Again 1%-3% commission upon the gross sale and another 2% additional commission for sales over $30000.

You can earn a commission of 1%-2% on tier affiliates depending on the investment.

Lifetime 1%-3% revenue share from the gross investment for an average investment of $20000-$90000. This revenue also depends on the chain of tier affiliates.

Benefits of becoming an affiliate of Regal Assets Affiliate Program

And you get all these with just a free sign up.

How to become a Regal Assets affiliate:

Well, Regal Assets is very picky when it comes to choosing the affiliates. Not everyone is welcomed here. So, there are some specific features you must have to become a part of their affiliate program.

Firstly, you need to have your professional website. If you don’t have one, then just buy a domain and design it to look like a professional one. Choose a professional-looking name with a proper logo and keyword. If you have knowledge and experience regarding finance, retirement, and wealth-related task, put them in your site. Let us remind you that the more professional and popular your site is, the better chance for you to get accepted.

Another thing you might consider that Regal Assets prefers affiliates with at least a moderate level of marketing experience. Your experience level has a direct effect on your chances of getting accepted. So, having a proper idea of a precious metal investment market will play in your favor.

If you have these qualifications mentioned above, then you are eligible to apply for the Regal Assets affiliate program.

high referral commissions, join regal assets affiliate program

How to sign-up step by step:

If our Regal Assets affiliate program review has made you interested enough to try this program as a legitimate income source, then we highly encourage you to sing up for this outstanding program. To do so, you need to:

Go to their official page ( and click the ‘Join as Affiliate’ button.

From there, you will be directed to an application form page with all the basic sections you need to fill up. This includes your personal information as well as your experience level and your website information.

Your chance of getting accepted depends on how to fill this form. So be truthful yet informative and give your constructive opinion where needed. They will judge you by your answer.

After all of these are done, fill your preferred password, and hit the ‘Register’ button.

Well, your sign-up process is done.

After you are accepted, you will be directed to the affiliate resource page where you can find more than enough materials you need for starting your online promotion. Choose one and start working with that.


Q: Do I need a license or training?

A: No such thing is needed.

Q: How do I refer to people?

A: You will get a company tracking link. Put this on your site and once people click on this, they will be directed from your site to the official site.

Q: Who are the targeted customers?

A: Anyone who has a little bit of interest in precious metal investment especially in the IRA from anywhere of the globe.

Q: Can I pass this on to others?

A: Yes, you certainly can. But everyone needed to be individually accepted to be a part of this program.


The Regal Assets affiliate program is a great opportunity to start your own business, so don’t take it as a traditional part-time job or so. You need to be quite serious and professional to shine in this sector. You can make a thousand working from your home with this program.

 You can not only earn money in the present but also invest in your future IRA with the knowledge you will get from working with Regal Assets. So, if you feel confident and sincere enough, feel free to apply for the Regal Assets affiliate program. We hope this Regal Assets affiliate program review will be an adequate guide for you throughout your journey.

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