What Is The 3 Day Rule In Stocks

Have you set your mind to dive into stock business? Then, first of all, you must know the term ‘ 3 day rule in stocks’. And this knowledge will keep you ahead in stock business.

You know stock business has some rules and regulations. And proper knowledge on those rules and regulations will smooth your business operation.

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Nothing exceptional is here in the stock business. I guess you are a little bit confused about this term.  

Nothing to worry. You will find here all the details about it. Then let’s know what is the 3 day rule in stocks.

What does it mean by the 3 Day Rule?

You may have a question in your mind “what is the 3 Day Rule in stocks?”. Well, the 3 Day Rule is sometimes known as “T + 3”.

This Three Day Rule or T+3 means that when you are buying stocks, then the broker needs to receive the payment in between three days of business and this count down of the days starts from the day when your trade was fulfilled.

And if you are eager to sell stocks, then the shares have to be released to the broker in between three days since their sale.

Actually, the SEC or Security and Exchange Commission wants that the trade should be settled in between three days of business.

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In simple words, if you want to buy or make a purchase which has been trading on Tuesday, then the shares need to arrive in the account of yours, as well as your money needs to arrive at the account of the seller on Friday.

The Three Day Rule additionally covers mutual funds when a trade happens through the broker.

Moreover, it also covers municipal securities, bonds, as well as various securities on the transactions.

The importance of the 3 Day Rule:

Till now you know the meaning of the Three Day Rule. Well, now I will discuss the importance of this rule.

First of all, the Three Day Rule helps to maintain an efficient and arranged market through the limitation of the opportunity of defaults.

In simple words, if there remains a trade that contains an infinite amount of stage for settlement, or for shares that need to be delivered into the account of buyers, then there remains nothing to say about the amount of money the seller or buyer may lose or gain before that trade is settled formally.

In the plugging market, you can see, the settlement that takes long times may end in investors who are not able to pay for the trades.

So, you can minimize the risk of these kinds of financial complications. You just need to reduce the total amount of time that is needed for the settlement.

In the case of dividend investors, the T+3 rule has also important propositions. 

If you take a look at the stock quote by your brokerage, you will notice that a particular company has declared the bonus allocated to “shareholders of record” by means of a particular date.

If you want to be the shareholder of record, then you need to settle down your acquisition of the stock.

However, if you want to ensure about being the official shareholder through the dividend date, which is also identified as a record date, then basically you will have to purchase the shares not less than three days before (ex-dividend date).

Why is the Three Day Rule profitable to the investors?

Well, you must know that the 3 Day Rule is very much important and profitable to the investors.

The actual master of any stock market is familiar with all kinds of rules and regulations as well as they abide by those.

But, for an investor, it is not possible to learn everything. The stock traders and investors who keep learning and studying are able to enrich their profits.

The investors of the stock market always long for buying the stock that is hit down sharply. 

Let us consider an example, if you see a stock falling 25% on earnings, then you will see that a large number of investors are eager to purchase that stock.

Actually, they think that stock may snap back and this discount is considered as the obvious purchasing opportunity. 

By the 3 Day Rule, the stock traders as well as the investors are benefited in the way that it tells them to delay for a complete 3 days before they are going to buy a stock that is banged because of negative news.

If the investors use the Three Day Rule, they will be discovering their losses contract as well as profit expansion.


We have come to the end of this article. You wanted to know about the Three Day Rule and we have tried our best to explain it to you.

Through this article you’ve surely come to know about the Three Day Rule, it’s meaning as well as its importance.

I hope I am successful in answering your question and now you know a lot of facts of the Three Day Rule.

In the future, if you want to be an investor, then this knowledge is going to help you a lot and by applying this rule you will be benefited for sure.

If you have any confusion or any question that you want to ask while reading this article, then please let us know. We shall try our best to help you.

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